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Saturday, December 24, 2016

This Holy Moment of Togethering

I am so thankful for the help and companionship of cousins.  My late partner's big loyal Taiwanese family rocks my world every single day.  They are beyond my wildest dreams.  In ways small and large.

At this moment, my two older children are experiencing a wondrous outdoor adventure with cousins, aunts, and uncles.  There wasn't enough room in their snow-safe car for the rest of us, so I got to stay home to play with our youngest daughter for several hours.  Just the two of us.  As the newly single mother of three young children, time alone with one child is simply awesome.  What are we doing to live large with this gift of time?

We started with a snack, brushing teeth, and then... a nap.  We read lots of children's books together, vacuumed and swept, drank tea, climbed furniture, listened to upbeat music, stomped in the snow.  Our party list continues with drawing, singing, dancing, playing, eating, laughing, cuddling, resting.  Bliss.

I am so blissfully thankful for these holy moments of togethering with my wee one.  This holy time to bond with my babe on Christmas Eve.  What a awesome gift.

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