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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Blessings of Each New Day

Dearest Radiant Readers,

Each new day bring a new adventure.  My children and I are figuring out how to gracefully manage our morning to allow for breakfast, sitting down to breakfast together, kissing Papa, and making sure all preparations are in place before getting on that school bus.  Each day is darker than the last at this time of year.

Each day brings something new.  This is my fourth day without my two older children at home, as the school year has just started and this year my children are a part of it.  After days of shuffling things from one place to another in spare minutes, the counters are visible.  We've been able to attend medical meetings together, run errands, rest.  My baby is a few days from her first birthday and is able to take quiet naps (on my back or in my lap).  A friend came to love on our baby so I could get a great cleansing massage (sweat, tears, emotions, knotted muscles).

My partner (the Papa) has completed five days of radiation on his right lung.  For now he can still talk and swallow and eat solids.  We are prepared in all ways to make smoothies for his wounded esophagus.  He is sleeping a little better with an air purifier, humidifier, and oxygen machine.  Friends have come from near and very far to visit, leaving so much love and nourishment.  On this long road with cancer, be it weeks or years, there are so many ups and downs.  We are hoping and praying for many quality years together as a family of five.  When we break it down into digestible chunks, each day is truly a gift.

With the help of friends, I may make it to our thrice yearly adult book club without the big kids.  A friend offered babysitting so I get to attend a yoga class or just have time alone once a week.  These little yet big things help keep me afloat as I do my best to be a calm, patient, joyful mother and wife.

Each day brings great unknown adventures.  Today is a wonderful day.  My partner is able to drive himself to simple appointments.  I have sunshine, open windows, a baby napping on my back, computer keys under my fingertips, cats sunning themselves, clean laundry, quiet.  My children have their favorite class after school today, getting dirty and crafty on the farm.  When we intentionally focus on the abundance in our lives, it is simple amazing how much love and light there is in our world.  Like water to a garden, our attention on our blessings helps our appreciations grow.  Each day is such a gift.

Such gratitude,
Jenn Mer

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