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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Seattle 2015

My family has been going to Seattle each year for as long as I can remember.  Each summer with our children, we find new places to explore, new flavors to savor, visit old friends and make new ones, laugh, play, and fall into bed joyfully exhausted each night.  My partner loves to plan the details of the trip so we get to several excursions and food destinations each day.  Last summer I was ripe with our third babe.  My partner graciously left me at home for a baby shower as he took them on a wild adventure with friends in this beloved city.  Looking through some of my favorite photographs from their trip, I feel like I was there too, only with more restful feet.  We haven't visited our beloved city this year, due to my partner's cancer diagnosis and treatment.  We are looking forward to getting through these rough months and into a healthier future so we can get back to Seattle.  It is a wonderful thing to look forward to our next trip to the big city.

Gum wall

The Great Wheel

Butterfly observatory

Our favorite fountain near the Science Center

Henry's Taiwan

Huskie groupies

Elliot Bay

Sandy, wet, & wild on Alki Beach

Fremont troll

Kerry Park

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