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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Orcas Island 2015

Last summer we took a big trip all the way to Orcas Island before our third wee babe joined our family.  On the island, colors are vibrant, the water is cool, the air is so refreshing, and the people are so friendly.  Cousins joined us and cooked up an incredible banquet of endless foods.  We have our funny little stories of when Mom's Night Out became our children's favorite movie, when our little car was the very last one to make it onto the ferry, when we ate for hours only to be served another meal, when we found wild clams on a protected beach and returned them to their holes.  What an amazing adventure to share with our children.

Awaiting the Orcas Island Ferry

Clamming with cousins

Protected giant clams

Our favorite swimming lake

Sandy adventure

A view of Canada in the distance

So much green and blue

Finding a dead jellyfish on the beach

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