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Friday, September 16, 2016

Girl Scout Family

My dear Hannah has been in Girl Scouts for three years now and loved every minute of it.  She can sell a cookie like no one else!  She saves up her cookie credit earnings for science games, books, and stickers for her brother.  Hannah, Liam, and I have attended two years of scout camp with an incredible group of people.  From day one of camp, these folks felt like family.  Family plus volunteer discount!  So naturally we're totally hooked.  Our baby Charlotte got to attend camp this summer as well, hanging out with the teenagers, wooing the adults.  It is such a gift to my children loved by others.  Below are photographs of some SWAPs we create and trade each year with other scouts.  These are created entirely with materials we already have on hand at home, much of it from neighbors' decluttering projects.  No purchase necessary.  Even though camp was a couple months behind us for this year, we still faithfully sing the camp songs and hear them in our sleep.  We give great thanks for our scout family and look forward to being together again next year.

Dragonfly SWAPs

Robot SWAPs

Flower SWAPs

Pillowcases and a sheet for tie dye day

Tie dyed pillowcases

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