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Friday, September 16, 2016

Farm School

My children's favorite class is working on the local farm.  Oh, the thrill of putting on stained overalls and rain boots to romp out in the elements.  My children have watched me farm my own little garden every year with only  a couple hours of interest each year.  My partner and I joke that the farm should be paying us for our children's labor, as they construct, weed, plant, and harvest for the farm.  There is also a good amount of preparing and devouring vegetables, followed by muddy exploration and play.  

Since attending farm school, my big kids have been pulling weeds in their garden, weeds in my garden, tending to our compost bins, watering, joyfully harvesting our abundance, letting me assign random gardening tasks, and planning and planting like never before.  Thankfully they still get to participate in this program after a day of public school.  The joy of gardening as a family is such a gift.

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