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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


A lot moves through and around us as life grows and shifts.  It is a blessing to take time to intentionally focus upon the things that feel good.  Yes, we acknowledge the many troublesome details as they float by, though we put the most energy into what feels good.  The more we focus on what brings us joy, the more joy we have in our lives.  The same is true with other emotions we choose to broadcast.  This is part of intentionally living our lives.  For me in this moment, I find peace in recounting the joys of my day.  There are many.  The more I reflect upon them, the more there are.  Simple.  After a bit of practice, this gets easier, sinking in to heal deeper places without ourselves.  Today my blessings were many.

Today, my children and I touched the first autumn rainfall.  Today I meandered through tasks with my children.  We played at the park as long as we wanted.  We chose a special new back-to-school purchase for our first ever day in public school.  We ate delicious cookies as a prize for our library's reading program.  We brought home a loaf of cinnamon roll bread for Papa.  We had a leisurely breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all of us at the table together.  My partner tackled lots of dishes and some laundry.  He didn't cough so much today.  I had a shower.  We sold something on  We gifted yard toys to a neighbor.  We ate lots of fruit.

My children were helpful with grocery shopping.  I took a long ol' time to type out much of my children's imaginative stories and listened to them read them back to each other.  We finished reading The Green Ember aloud together and are moving onto other awesome tales.  I finished working on photo books of our recent family reunion.  We chose just the right photo for our computer screen from the reunion.

My son played lots of board games with his daddy.  We laughed when our baby girl's cloth diaper fell off.  She got a couple long naps and went to bed tonight when she was ready.  She has now let go of me long enough for me to rise and write.  My older daughter read through another five novels today and is reading another in bed as I type.  Our family had time together to watch the rain, relax, love, and smile.  I give the greatest of thanks for these extraordinary details within this blessed day in a life of miracles.  Aho!

Candyland Love

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