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Monday, August 1, 2016

Living with Cancer

We received the big news two weeks ago.  Today is the first day of my 43-year-old partner's chemotherapy treatment for stage 3-4 lung cancer.  Stage 4 is what doctors call treatable yet incurable, so we are moving forward with the faith of being in stage 3.  As my baby sleeps on my back, my son sings traffic safety songs at my feet, and my oldest daughter is at a day camp, I bake vegetables and meats to offer to their daddy upon his return this afternoon.  It will be nice for him to have options compatible with his ketogenic (sugar/glucose/carb-free) diet.

My husband usually does all the shopping for our family while I care for our three young children.  On my trip to the grocery store today, my first trip in a very long while, I ran into a friend who invited me to her home for our children to play together.  She has just started an energy healing practice out of her home and offered a session to me.  As the cashier scanned my items she asked what I would do with the rest of my day.  At this raw time, I cannot skim over my current pain.  I told her I was preparing foods for my partner on his first day of chemo.  Her eyes opened wide and she said, "My husband is doing chemo also!"  She gave me a hug, flowers, and wonderful advice that will change the course of my husband's care and extend his life.  ("Keep looking until you find a good oncologist.  Doctors are a dime a dozen.  My husband says he has to keep moving or he's done for the day.  We say he's living with cancer, not dying of it.")

What a blessing to be so open to the world in our time of need and receive such amazing gifts.  On one of my hardest days I ran into a caring friend, made a new one, and accepted healing words of support and encouragement.  When my partner will arrive in a zombie state in a couple hours, his cousin will stand with me as I read through all the prescription instructions.  My partner's cousins and siblings will reach out to let me know they are available to help.  Windows of opportunity are around us all the time.  Perhaps these challenging times make our windows more visible.  To see these gifts and to be open to them is a mighty treasure.

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