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Monday, August 1, 2016

Another Beautiful Day

Each day is such a beautiful gift.  As a family living with cancer, we see this gift more clearly.  I treasure a cloudy morning in August.  I treasure salmonberry blossoms covered in dew.  I treasure one last day to play with my best friend's children (as she packs) before they move to teach overseas.  I treasure another opportunity to gracefully decline time at Chuck E. Cheese.  I treasure pajamas.  I treasure my ten month old toddling around the house pulling bookmarks out of all our chapter books.  I treasure my five year old pulling his eye lashes out so he can make more wishes.  I treasure my oldest daughter spending every spare moment with her nose in chapter books.  I treasure my partner advocating for his health and asking many questions on the telephone with his doctors.  I treasure to ability to type on the computer in the middle of it all.  Each day brings such delights when we open our eyes and hearts to them.

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