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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Gift of Rebalancing with Quiet Time

I last wrote about my challenge of homeschooling and juggling the needs of three children around the clock.  Feeling so drained from meeting the endless needs of my children, we've chosen to partake in the resource of public school for our big kids next year.

In my search to fix what was broken, many friends shared with me how they use various resources.  Many families with young children employ a babysitter, a grandparent, and daily quiet times.  My partner and I are the main adults in our children's lives and may hire a babysitter once every month or two.  Grandparents are sadly a small part of our lives.  (We are joyfully adopting other grandparents for our family.)  Upon being reminded about quiet times, we started having them that same afternoon.

My children now have two hours alone in a room with the door closed.  They have a clock and activities and are quiet until the predetermined time.  At this very moment, I am in the midst of a miracle (knock on wood): my three children are all in separate rooms with the doors closed.  My window is open as thunder rolls wildly outside.  My home is otherwise oddly quiet.  What a tremendous gift.  It hasn't been this quiet in our home since long before my eight month old daughter was born.

Quiet time is a game changer.  Our baby is sleeping better in the day, leading to better rest at night as well.  Our big kids are rested and calmer and have time apart to help them appreciate being together once again.  My mind ponders idioms that feel right: "Fences make good neighbors" and "Absence make the heart grow fonder."  Also, "This too shall pass."  I give such great thanks for this one quiet moment.  May I rest and replenish enough in this moment to be more the mom I want to be for these amazing young people.  They are such a gift in my life.  Now I am rested enough to see more of the awesomeness within each child.  I love lightening, thunder, and pounding hail.  I love my children.  I love this way of refilling myself.  I love my quiet time.

Enjoying togetherness once again

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