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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Playing with Childhood Memories

There are many zany activities I enjoyed as a child.  I spent weeks of my childhood with games picked up at yard sales and books found at the library.  Many hours were spent playing with an Etch A Sketch, finger print doodling with Ed Emberly's books, assembling tinker toys and Legos, crossing the creek on a log, climbing trees, building forts, laying in the meadow of tall grass, catching crawdads and frogs and crickets and snakes, trying to keep them as pets, and climbing door frames.  I cherish watching my children laugh as they partake in these very same adventures.  My children are actually playing with my same childhood Etch A Sketch and Legos and tinker toys.  We still get our doodling books from the library.

What is my point?  My point is this moment.  Each moment of raising these awesome children is an adventure.  They help me to grow and stretch and learn and to embrace my own playfulness.  I am cherishing these little people in this moment.  Even the adventures of excavating dirty socks from the floor.  Again.  I smile to myself as I remember that smelly adventure from my childhood too.

Door frames, kitty cats, and socks on the floor

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