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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Loving Lost Lake

For my spring birthday celebration, my family took me to Lost Lake for the third year in a row.  What a treat!  Lost Lake is much like Clear Lake, where I vacationed each summer in a rustic cabin with my parents for almost 20 years.  Now living in Portland, Lost Lake is a much closer and cost effective option for my family.  (We would have to drive 3.5 hours to get back to Clear Lake.)  There is something so peaceful about time in the forest, making time to watch the trees and birds and water.  We spent a few hours rowing on the lake (much of it in circles, thanks to everyone's turn to row), explored little alcoves on and off the lake, hiked around the whole lake, watched others fish, and relaxed.  This time together in the forest is the extent of our summer camping, as my partner isn't wild about getting dirty in nature and we still have a wee babe.  Our time at Lost Lake is such a gift, one we look forward to all year.
This five year old found his marker post.

The leader of our pack is 8.75 already.

Salmonberry blossoms are both gorgeous and delicious.

Encircling the lake together

Oh, how we love the trees.

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