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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hiking Togetherness

My children and I have gotten to take several morning hikes.  Sometimes we take water bottles, notebooks, pencils, and snacks.  Other times we just wake up in the morning, grab our garbage bag, and start walking.  No need to drive or schedule or coordinate.  These hikes are teaching us how to be together in new ways: how to move, explore, investigate, learn, question, stay safe, respect personal space, and listen in rhythm with each other.  When my charming son chooses to argue with me over who knows what, I remember it is my choice to respond with short answers, breathing, silence, and singing instead of engaging in debate.  Time in nature is so healing and soothing for us.  We meet new people and dogs, identify animals, name trail segments, feed the birds, make up stories, recognize landmarks, find variations in plants and animals, identify what we can, smile, laugh, breath deeply, and exercise.  Yes, these hikes began as a way for me to exercise with three children.  And it has become so much more.  This time and this space is such a gift.

Walking and growing together

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