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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Growing in the Garden

Last summer as we were soon expecting our third child, I got out to garden and rest and cherish the long days with my two beautiful children.  This time together was such a gift.  Even now, nine months later, I remember these long warm days as we played and grew together.  I love each season for what it brings.  Today's hail and thunder will soon make way for warm blue skies.  My children will move from collecting hail in winter hats (as they are at this moment, with just a week remaining of spring) into the snow cones and swimsuits of summer.  Each day is such a gift.  The present moment is all we ever have.  I'm thankful for this one.

Once again using boots as buckets

My view from the grassy shade

Planting pumpkins in a snake hole

Harvesting parsnips from his own garden

Drawing on a pumpkin from her garden

More garden splendors

Beetles on the calendula seeds

Preparing for an exciting reading session with favorite books:
The Girl's/Boy's Book of Adventure

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