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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

For the Love of Peacocks & Friends

We have so fortunately befriended people who happen to be peacock farmers.  We treasure our visits out to the farm to play with the fowl as they strut their stuff and the peahens lay their eggs.  Yesterday we had a wonderful afternoon on the farm.  There was tree climbing, fruit watching, swinging, talking, driving the tractor, weed pulling, counting the eggs, and barn sweeping.  My older children identified all the garden plants and weeded all the plantain to save for an upcoming summer craft while my wee babe had a drink and nap in the sunshine.  I felt so refreshed after resting in this so-very-green setting with my bare feet on the ground for a few hours.  And we all slept so well afterward.  We can't wait to get back.  Friendships, peacocks, and time in nature are gifts we give ourselves, such blessings.  

Singing and dancing with a friend

Watching an amazing spring dance

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