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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Resourcefully Inspired Home Crafts

When the interest strikes, we dig into our supplies to create whatever our hearts desire.  We have a children's art cupboard and a mama-supervised art closet.  Our supplies consist mostly of second hand unloved goods from friends.  Their trash becomes our treasure.  (We occasionally refill our basic paints.)  Here are photos of some of our recent adventures.

Painted fairy houses and golden pig bank

Weaving a square to shape into a baby glove

Organizing weaving by color

Cards, cards, and more cards

A decorated cape that will eventually become a pillowcase or quilt

Liam wrapping himself in paper "because it's fun!"

Drawing a self-portrait on butcher paper (salvaged from a neighbor's work garbage)

A paper rocket

Celebrating Beethoven's birthday

Coloring and creating puppets from an entire coloring book

Painted and glittered cards

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