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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wrapping Granny in Prayer Shawl Love

Three of my grandparents died before I was a teenager.  I've had the great privilege of bonding with my remaining grandmother in the last few years.  She was finally able to travel and host visitors after her husband died.  After not being together for decades, we have made up for the distance by seeing each other at least twice each year.  She is now on hospice, living on the same street on which she was born near Salt Lake City, and unable to make the trip to visit our family in Oregon.  My newborn daughter and I made plans to visit her for a few days.  

In preparation for our visit, after reading about a transitional blanket, my friend made a prayer shawl with lots of love just for Granny.  This shawl rested in my prayer room to fill with delicious energy.  When she finally received it, Granny was delighted to wrap herself in this warm prayer shawl as she sat by her cozy fireplace.  We don't know how much time each person will be in physical form on this earth, so it is a comfort to my grandmother and me to know she is wrapped in my love while I am not able to be there with her.  In this way, we feel I am there to hold her from my home so far from hers.

The three days went too quickly with my grandmother.  Despite my staying at a hotel so everyone could get more nightly rest, my four month old babe and I spent as much time as we could with Granny.  It was a wonderful adventure to share.  Visiting with relatives was comforting.  The photos are priceless.  

Now at home, my grandmother and I predictably miss each other greatly.  Having assembled and sent the photo book and photo mug she will cherish, I call Granny and send my love, and I take comfort in knowing my love is woven into the prayer shawl that wraps her warm shoulders as she sits at her fireplace.

The prayer shawl fills with love in our prayer room.
Loving on Great Granny
My daughter's "new" ring was originally gifted to my grandmother by her mother almost 90 years ago.

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