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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Releasing the Should Mask

Last year I created a Should Mask to represent all the ways I felt I should live my life.  I should be on time, I should never disappoint others, I should always have dinner prepared by a certain time, I should raise genius children, I should protect them from all harm.  There is a lot of pressure when wearing a Should Mask.  After creating and removing this Should Mask, both physically and energetically, I was free to choose my actions in each moment, safe from the expectations of others.  The mask sat and soaked in our prayer room for an entire year.  The time felt right this winter to let go of the mask.  I attended a firewalk with the intention of burning the mask.  When the wind whipped and the temperature plummeted, I left more shoulds behind as I chose my family's comfort and health over completing the task.  The mask went home with us to be released in a different way.  Two weeks later, my children and I got to share the ceremony with a friend in her warm home.  Watching the mask and other sacred objects burn was soothing to my soul.  We had created a sacred ceremony to release in our own way without following the laws of should.

Preparing a talisman
Waiting to build the fire with friends
Warm and cozy as we watch the fire
Releasing the Should Mask

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