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Monday, February 22, 2016

People with No Kids Don't Know

As I sit on the bathroom floor to type this, my five month old on the other side of the door, I savor these few minutes alone I've anticipated for weeks.  With such limited time to frolic and tackle tiny details, spending most of my time holding and cherishing my three children, I treasure finding humor in daily details.  Things that weren't even things before having children now are incredible challenges, says comedian Michael McIntyre.  Simple things like getting dressed, leaving the house, sleeping, and driving.  My children and I watched Michael's video together (People with No Kids Don't Know) a few weeks ago and still regularly quote it.  We also enjoy Jim Gaffigan's Mr. Universe 4 Kids clip.  ("Yes, we have an open door policy, which basically means we invite our children into our bed every night... to pee in it.")  I love the use of humor in making it through the adventures of each day with young children.  How do you get your parenting laugh on?

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