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Friday, July 31, 2015

Simple Sewing Pleasures

In our gloriously free days, we've been tackling projects.  Before swapping out my colorful thread for the grey needed for a quilting project, I intended to complete a box of mending.  This box comes out for attention every six months, so thankfully the clothes all still fit these growing children.  I had no idea this little activity would turn into an entire day of sewing adventure!  
Four year old Liam learned to use a real needle and thread to sew his own project.  He independently sewed two long strips together to make the letter T that ran the width of our living room.  Hannah created colorful ocean collages with her scrap collection.  She then ripped out seams on many of her brother's shorts so I could replace elastic waistbands.  I got to patch up various holy pants and shirts.

We enjoyed spending this productive day together.  My children helped me move one small step closer to my quilting project.  I intend to finish up the box of mending before it again fills with the wear and tear of these lives we love.  What simple pleasures!  

Ocean collages

Little hands crafting with an even-smaller needle

Seam Ripper Extraordinaire

The baby quilt we will soon sew

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