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Friday, July 31, 2015

Ceramic Date

When my daughter was very young, my mother painted her a dinner plate while I painted one for my partner.  My son has been very attached to a Cookies for Santa plate that has begun to excessively chip.  With a little personal time on my hands, I painted a new cookie plate for my sweet boy, along with a plate he helped me design.  As my daughter had a tea date with her Fairy God Mother across the street, my son and I finished up the plates with hand prints, rainbow dots, and a giant rainbow.  It was such a treat to have this little date with my sweet son.  And it is a treasure to know he finally has his own personal plate.

My focused artist

A cookie plate with a family of five, like ours

The back of our love plate

"Plant a kiss, endless bliss, kiss my son every day"

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