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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

Hannah, Liam, and I treasure our annual tradition of attending the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival.  This year I became aware of my motivations for attending this festival.  My children are motivated by the cow train, trampoline, pony rides, and playground.  I am captivated by the beautiful tulips, photo opportunities, and how much joy my children take in this annual tradition.

We have attended this festival for five years now, since I was pregnant with my son.  I'm thrilled to proclaim this as my first year to watch my children meander the fields on the bumpy cow train without me.  Seeing this day as a learning opportunity, we talked about managing our budget; my children chose two activities and a small snack while I chose to go home with colorful tulips.  Hannah and Liam spent an hour pumping water for their own duck racing, understanding the details of water pressure, volume, and flow.  We talked about the cold wind in our ears, the variations in tulips colors and shapes, and how each variety blooms at different times.  We watched gardeners cut off old blooms.  

We took it all in.  Now that we're at home, we will enjoy our photographs from our beloved Tulip Festival.  We highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't yet fallen in love with the spring colors.

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