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Thursday, April 9, 2015

We Love... Family Traditions!

I love reflecting on our family's traditions.  I love the details of our traditions, the little rituals within each special day.  We love how the Easter Bunny delivers chocolate bunnies, leaves little chocolate egg droppings, and sets up a scavenger hunt to locate hidden baskets.  We love visiting the Enchanted Forest, Rhododendron Gardens, the Woodburn Tulip Festival.  We love waking up to our birthdays with balloons and cake in bed.  We love hosting Thanksgiving for all those who choose to join us.  We loved waking up just after midnight last Christmas Eve to open all Santa's gifts (while tackling stomach flu-related laundry).  We love writing thank you cards on Christmas day.  We love watching friends bravely walk on fire twice a year.  We love hosting the best muffin-centered New Year's Eve party in the universe.  We love talking about what we love.

We love every day we get to share with one another.  Our special traditions bring more bubbly sweetness into our daily lives.  What blessings to grow and cherish them together.

Preparing for our Thanksgiving gathering

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