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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Burning of Bridget Cleary, Part 1

I am preparing to take a shamanic course on fairy doctoring, using fairy connections to heal humans.  In preparation, I've started reading The Burning of Bridget Cleary.  This book is the true story of a man murdering his wife because he believed she was possessed by fairies in 1895 Ireland.  This is very unlike books I usually choose.

After reading a fifth of the book one day last week, I've been thinking and dreaming of it since.  One night I had a dream of fairies attuning my throat chakra (energy center) to prepare for my speaking in a new way.  While this was uncomfortable, I knew I was protected by my angels.  I trust these attunements are moving me toward my most benevolent outcome.

The following night I dreamed of the Catholic church and the rules instituted upon ancient cultures in the book.  Again my throat burned as I visualized being whipped each time I tried to speak against the church's stories.  I imagined this is how the original cultures felt with the incoming of church's vastly different structures and rules.

Without reading further into this intriguing book, I find myself processing the events on a molecular level, as if clearing out and speaking of my family's cosmology.  I trust this journey with the fairies and appreciate this unfolding story as my life mingles with those long past.

(Part 2 is here.)

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