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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Library Book Love

I descend from a long line of book lovers.  We fondly call ourselves bookworms when it feels right.  We even love books about books.  My father's mother "always had a book in her hand."  My father would come home from his stressful work days to plop down on the couch and read through another paperback.  In my sheltered childhood, I visited the library each week and read thousands of books.  My grandmother kept journals, my father writes books and stories, and I love to write letters, journals, and blog.

While reading The Library by Sarah Stewart today, my daughter Hannah asked, "Mama, am I a bookworm?"  She apparently follows our family line of literature lovers.  The Library is one of our favorite children's books.  This book details the true story of how Mary Elizabeth Brown came to turn her home into a library.  I told my daughter, not for the first or last time, how my childhood home looked like a library and how our home would resemble a library if we didn't have a local library.  We love our books.  And we appreciate our library for housing all the books we bookworms love.

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  1. I think it is great that your children read the good ol' fashioned paper books! Nothing beats the feel of a real book in our hands compared to the modern age of a bright screen from a tablet. I recently had a debate about which is more sustainable: paper vs. electronic tablet. I see both sides of the debate but I still prefer the printed paper. Oh! And yes, Hannah, you are a bookworm...but so am I...shhh...don't tell anyone!