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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hannah's Stories, Age 5

Prilla's Moving Day
Written and Illustrated by Hannah, March 2014, age 5       

Prilla come now!  It is time for breakfast.  We are moving tomorrow.  Ok I will, said Prilla.  ZZZZZZZZZZ.  PRILLA GET UP.  Oh mom all right, said Prilla.  Prilla got up.  Let us go to school.  Say bye.  Bye Lana.  Bye Hannah.  Bye Ellie.  Bye Liam.  Bye Theo.  Bye Colin.  Bye Katlyen.  See YOU.  Bye other Liam.  Bye Emi.  Bye Kinsley.  Bye Mia.  Bye Vanessa.  Bye Nellie.  Bye Sophia.  See you.  Bye.  Bye.  Bye.  Bye.  See you tomorrow.  

The next day.  Hi.  Me and my mom have to move.  Now here was the day for Prilla to move. 

One day Prilla went to school and saw her playmates.                                                                       
        The                                              End 

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