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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Following my own Path

Studying as a shamanic practitioner for the last two years has taught me so much.  Through these lessons I have learned to bring healing to myself and others, to connect more deeply to Jesus, God, the Divine in us all.  I hold tools to generate energy within my body, to clear energy of others, to manifest blessings.

As my family makes way for a blessed third child, I have pulled back from high level monthly courses.  As my classmates and friends move on in their class studies, I am slimming down to three weekend classes and focusing on my daily life routines.  In my personal life I am striving to create structure for my family's routines.  The more I focus on bringing myself into balance, the more my family benefits.

I've been focusing on bringing about my own mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.  Goodness knows, there's a lot more to balance than all that.  Okay, so with regular exercise, vegetable consumption, daily meditations, moments of solitude and mindful breathing, and hanging out with my angels, I am feeling pretty good.  My children also have their daily responsibilities and needs: homeschool, getting outside, healthy meals, home chores, social time, a smidge of quiet time, and lots of free play.

Then I focus on singing and speaking from my heart while asking my children for the 47th time to please put on their clothes and practice the piano.  It has taken a long while to get to this point.  Each day is different, some high and some low.  While I am most often patient and loving, sometimes I shout and then stand in the closet to breath and hum my way back into my heart.

While I know my classmates are moving on in their level of spiritual practice, I know I am doing the same right here with my wee ones.  I am here for my family as I also show up for myself.  That is where I am in this moment and that is enough for me.  What a beautiful balance to know I am caring for others by caring for myself.  What blessed lives we lead.

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