autumn days

Monday, March 2, 2015

"Motherhood is my art."

I am an artist, a creator, a writer, a dreamer, a seeker, a lover, a student, a teacher, and so much more. We all embody so many facets simultaneously.  Right now, I am mostly a mom.  Within me there is a need to create, to explore, to travel, to produce functional crafts, to heal the world, to start a professional practice, to earn an income, to meditate alone, and to sit in an isolated cabin for a week.

Knowing my own desire to grow and also my desire to provide for my children, I spin my view on motherhood to see it from a new angle.  I see my role as being here to love my children, to teach them how to follow their own paths while being a part of our family and culture.

Motherhood is indeed an art.  Being present with my children is my art.  Practicing this art form is a way for me to care for myself and my children.  With four simple words, I find more balance in my world.  "Motherhood is my art."  For this moment, that is enough.

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