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Friday, March 6, 2015

Family Support

My needs in my marriage are small, or so they seem to me.  Each day I'd like from my partner eye contact, a hello after a long day apart, a couple hugs, a two-way five minute conversation without technology, and to be asked about my day.  It is incredible how difficult this is to accomplish some days, some weeks.  With the distraction of tasks, schedules, and technology, it can be a challenge to connect with one another.

Without these details in my marriage, with limited contact with other adults as a full-time parent of young children, I begin to feel alone, isolated, and sad.  I create ways to maintain my energy for patient, graceful homeschooling days, though connection with adults is what sustains me.  As an extra boost, to have a dinner date with my partner while my children laugh with a beloved nanny is a gift for us all.  I give the greatest of thanks for knowing what keeps me on my loving path with my family and as together we take steps to stay creatively connected.

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