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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Accomplishing Tasks before Breakfast

On a dark winter evening, I had the pleasure of gathering with other moms to share a nourishing meal and words of wisdom.  One energetic mother of five explained how she accomplishes three tasks before breakfast.  (She used the phrase "slay three dragons before breakfast" from one of her favorite articles.)  On the days when she accomplishes three tasks before breakfast, she has more energy and productivity within the day.  I thought, "That sounds nice, though how do I find enough energy within myself to build more energy?"  My answer: baby steps.

What gets me on track and builds my energy?  Solitude, breath-centered meditation, sound meditation, creative outlets, and exercise.  Simply identifying what brings me energy feels empowering.  I thought about this concept of slaying dragons (I prefer befriending dragons) before breakfast for a couple weeks.  After a long road trip, I found myself wanting to listen sound meditation each night.  After an energy boost from a gathering of beloved friends, I added a morning breathing meditation into my daily practice.  As I eagerly anticipated each new day, I began waking up early on my own.  Then I added a morning sound meditation.  Knowing my body needed more care, I talked my charming partner into setting up our treadmill.  It had been gathering dust in its last five lonely years.

Now I do a nightly meditation, two morning meditations, and spend some time on the treadmill most days.  On the days when I accomplish all three of these energy-producing tasks, befriendly these awesome dragons, I am more joyous and productive.  I now routinely accomplish before breakfast what I used to take a week.  After a long winter it is a relief to have enough personal energy to be more of the mom and partner and friend I aim to be.  I have found a key to my personal happiness.  Now when we come upon a more challenging day, I know it will pass and I will be patient, respectful, and kind.  With enough energy for myself, this energy grows as I share it with others.  Into the mix, I have added other energy boosters, such as green shakes, embracing the seasons (dancing in the rain, sledding on the hail, stopping to smell the flowers, etc.), more social time with friends, and more outdoor time.  Blessings abound.

What helps you to maintain your energy throughout the day?

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