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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Talisman & Firewalk

My children and I love attending local firewalks with friends.  We prepare a talisman ahead of time by crafting a Y-shaped stick with natural burnable materials.  We joyously and meditatively sing to fill our talisman with intentions to release old habits and bring in new blessings.  This is the Lakota ceremony similar to our New Year's resolutions.  

During the firewalk ceremony, we each dance our talisman stick around the fire and then thrown it in.  Then we shout our declaration for the year.  Three year old Liam danced the fire, threw in his talisman and claimed "STARS!"  Six year old Hannah claimed "friends."  Last year I claimed "True Self" for myself and all year my authentic self has become stronger in my life.  

This afternoon we went for a nature walk to collect this year's talisman.  What a great excuse to get out into nature.  Now we discuss what we wish to release out and welcome into our lives for this coming year.  

My children are so thrilled to dance the fire on their own this year.  After we make our declarations for this year's ceremony, we will feast, and then sit back and watch our friends walk on fire.  It is such a gift for my children and me to partake in these ceremonies with our loving community.

Out searching for the right y-shaped stick
Romping through a marsh on our way to talisman
Heading home with treasures
Decorating talisman

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