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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Quilting Together

I've been working on Liam's quilt for two years now.  (Here's my bloggy blog post from last year.)  I'd intended to finish it for his third birthday, like I had for his older sister.  Now that he's a bit over four and we have a bit more time at home this winter, we are taking strides forward on this project.  I felt stalled for a very long until a friend offered to help.  Now I am working towards its completion and will hand it over to my generous friend when my interest wanes.  I am completely thrilled to complete this project in the next month.  Then we three will move on to smaller projects like sewing cloth napkins, herb dream pillows, hand warming bags, and cloth tissues for friends.

What projects do you strive to complete?

Happy to play on the two-sided quilt front

Joyously laying on his quilt front

Pinning on his quilt

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