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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Orcas Island, Washington

My family took a summer trip to the Orcas Island, Washington.  In the busyness of daily life, I hadn't asked anything about our destination when my husband planned the trip.  Most our trips revolve around places to eat and visit, often in cities, so I assumed we were going to another city with pretty scenery.  

When I stood near a bay, watching my children muck around on a seaweed beach, as we waited for a ferry, I knew this trip was going to be extraordinary.  When we arrived on Orcas Island, like so many other tourists, we asked each other, "How can we move here?"  My friend who recently moved full-time to Orcas Island asked herself that same question on her first visit a decade ago.  

It's blissfully beautiful.  The water and trees are happy and healthy.  We went on some awesome adventures and cherished one easy day at the beach.  We made the time to spontaneously play for a few hours with new friends from Wisconsin.  ("There are no strangers here; Only friend you haven't yet met." -William Butler Yeats)  Orcas Island is a paradise we look forward to experiencing again soon.

Assembling puzzles with new friends on a ferry to the islands...

A day on the town

A view of Canada

Walking in the woods alongside the water

The happy sadness of discovering a washed up jellyfish

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