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Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Challah-Day

Liam fell in love with a library book called Rise & Shine: A Challah-Day Tale.  For a week he followed me around while carrying a cube of butter in a pan as he encouraged me to help him make Challah bread.  "The recipe is in the back of the book and we have all the ingredients!"  So we made time for his recipe.  We used my usual combination of garbanzo flour and rice flour.  When the bread didn't rise the first time, we tried a different yeast.  Still it was a solid airless creation.  Nevertheless Liam was thrilled to finally use his recipe to create his own Challah-Day.  We will make his favorite recipe again with a fluffier flour.  He'll be thrilled for another go at it.

Waiting for rising dough

Working the Challah

Liam's Challah

Hannah's Challah

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