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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gingerbread Love

We love our gingerbread.  We throw gingerbread parties every couple years, bake it often, and go so far as to call our love of the cookie a lesson in kitchen chemistry.  This week while my children rolled, chopped, and shaped their latest batch of gingerbread, I read The Magic School Bus Gets Baked In A Cake: A Book of Kitchen Chemistry to them.  We talked about how the ingredients work together to make a fluffy cookie.  I read various poetry (Shel Silverstein, Mary Oliver, and Jack Prelutsky) as we drank a pot of licorice tea.  After washing hands and popping cookies into the oven, we watched the same story in video form: The Magic School Bus Ready, Set, Dough: Chemistry- It's A Piece of Cake.  Hannah was thrilled to finally see a Magic School Bus video.  What a treat to spend this time together, baking cookies for friends, cozy and warm as the storms rain pours outside.

What baked goods bring you bliss?

Summer gingerbread

Have I mentioned how much we love gingerbread?

Frosting faces!
All decked out and ready for friends

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