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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Garden Energy

Dearest Radiant Readers,

We are having our deck and house repainted.  For this project, our home was pressure washed.  We talked with the company before agreeing and were reassured that our edibles would be covered and all the liquid would wash onto the cement.  Last night, after this initial spray was complete, my spouse told me it is standard practice to pressure wash a house with diluted bleach.  This spray and paint chips covered my entire garden (a third of my backyard), full of the edibles my children and I eat straight from Mother Earth.  As he told me this last night, I panicked at the possibilities.  "What about the health of the leaves we eat, the composted soil that took years to carefully enrich, the creatures that live there?  Will anything be safe to eat this year or next?"  My gut reaction was my worst case scenario.  At the thought of it, I felt sick to my stomach.

Then as dawn broke this morning, I remembered my local prayer healing community.  I telepathically dialed in to them to ask for support in my garden.  I visualized the hundreds of people in my community holding my hands to encircle all the edibles, toning to send infinite love and light.  Angels joined us, or perhaps my friends were so bright they appeared as angels.  While encircling the garden, I remembered last night as I watered my garden, I myself had been toning.  (My community has been focusing our energies on healing our planet's waters.  In holding hands with angels, I saw the water simultaneously healing and healed.)  My vocal tones cleared the water as it cleared my garden.

As we encircled my garden, among many rememberings, I recalled chemical water is an energy that can be shifted.  Energy changes in vibrations to whatever we intend and focus.  We were intentionally shifting the energy in the garden.  As the sun rises, I still sense this circle around my sacred garden space.

Through my open window, I hear the painters arrive and talk about their plan for the day.  I tromp out to stand in the middle of three men while in my pajamas and ask them politely about the chemicals they used to spray our house.  Water, straight up water.  Water?  Yes, just water.  I ask them about the paint chips in the garden.  It's safe low VOC paint.

Okay, now I have a plan that doesn't include panic.  I can pick out the paint chips and call the Oregon State Extension Services to talk about garden safety.

Yes, we will continue to wash our edibles thoroughly, toning as we water and wash and consume.  In a decade when our house gets another coat of paint, we will either do it ourselves or hire someone who uses completely biodegradable healthy products.  We are learning these lessons so we need not repeat them.  We send such appreciation to our supportive healing community.  We give the greatest of thanks to Mother Earth as we nourish our bodies with her vast abundance.

Joyous Jennifer

We are so in love with our healthy garden!

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