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Monday, November 24, 2014

Finding Jesus at the Library

Raised as a Christian and walking my own path alongside many religions, I love feeling the excitement people have for their spiritual passions.  We all have a choice in whom we choose to follow.  Buddha, Ghandi, Jesus, and others are all wonderful spiritual teachers.

My heart purrs when I hear my friend from Texas drawl "Thank you, Jesus!"  My mother is a great follower of Jesus, centering much of her faith on his life.  Jesus comforts her in times of need.  I've thought of Jesus as the guy belonging only to those who call themselves Christian.  However, my perspective and awareness of him have been evolving.

Last November a shamanic friend emailed me a distance healing she did for my husband.  Months later I finally found her healing notes and realized the time she'd done the healing corresponded to the end of my husband's talk of physical pain.  Jesus was the one who came through my friend to provide the healing along with specific directions.  Intriguing, yes, though I rejoiced at the physical healing and let it go at that.

Then I read and loved two books in which Jesus was a main focus.  The Essenes: Children of the Light and The Magdalen Manuscript.  As I read these books, I began to feel the light of Jesus near me. This light was present whenever I thought of him.  Now I am able to call him to me at any time and to feel as if I am within his beam of healing love and light.  This feeling is incredibly comforting.

The book I am now reading, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, has blown my mind.  In this book, I love seeing a clear difference between the Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ.  The author clarifies the clear line between the two.  I still call Jesus's light to me often, though my mind is wrapping around the differences between these two characters.  It is curious how a mortal morphs into a God within a couple centuries of his death.  And of how the true story changes dramatically to teach lessons and meet the needs of the new teachers.

After a year in a Christian co-op school, I chose not to sign the faith statement and was asked to no longer work with the children and to only participate if I wanted my children to believe exactly as they do.  Our difference lay on their belief that the True Jesus is the only way to salvation, while all other paths lead to burning in hell for eternity.  This experience provides for me another view of Christianity.  It clarifies the view of many faithful servants who willingly appease an angry exclusive God.  I understand this is a small view of Christianity, as the religion encompasses a great variety of views.  Several of my Christian friends are helping me to understand the wide variety within this umbrella of religion.

I love my mother's words that Jesus is what we need him to be.  I cherish having a personal relationship with Jesus the Christ in a way that feels safe and comforting for me.  Through these books and my personal experiences with Jesus, I love slowly unfolding the story of a man's life and how he became a healer, a holy man, the son of God.  And now he stands by my side with his beam of incredible healing light and delight, teaching me how to open my heart in new ways.  Thank you, Jesus!

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