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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fairy Creations

Last summer I got to go camping with friends.  In anticipation of hanging out around a fairy ring, my children and I created a shimmery RV to transport our home fairies to the forest gathering.  My dear Hannah had a blast creating the RV details with our beloved glitter and sequins.  Friends brought their fairies in baskets, jars, boxes, and by other means (see last two photos).  Upon return, we carried our enthusiasm over into creating more fairy rings in our yard.  Since then, we've discovered that fairies can also be seen as small angels.  I also found that my deceased grandmother loved flitting about with fairies.  My children and I are ready dreaming of the ways we will take our fairies camping next year.

How do you embrace fairies?

Swimming pool, barbecue, dining table complete with cutlery and food

A magical disc and lots of delicious fruits

Shimmery wings
The shoe box view

The convention fairy ring

Fairy ring details

Modes of fairy transportation

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