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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Blissening to the Moments

I've been noticing lately when and how my children and I find bliss in the moments.  This flow in the moment comes naturally to children and is an adventure they share with us.  Today we went outside to set bits of string free to fly on the wind.  After this break, we returned refreshed to our studies.  Four year old Liam then jumped in to helped make much of our dinner.  He felt empowered, independent, and appreciated.  His joyous contribution was a gift for the whole family.  Embracing the joy in the moment and showing love to our loved ones is quite the treasure.  Blissening (bliss in listening) to the moments is simply divine.

How do you bring your attention to embracing moments?

Chopping mushrooms
Flying yarn bits on a windy day

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