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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First School Days

Dearest Radiant Reader,

My children and I are moving along on our homeschooling adventures.  Each day, week, and year look different from the previous one.  This year, we have created a more clear schedule.  In place of my preferred flitting from one awesome activity with friends to the next, each morning we now have a routine.  It feels strange to be the one responsible for the routine, as most of my life I've adapted to the routines of others.  What a perfect opportunity to put my organizational skills to use.

Our Weekday Schedule
Wake up
One hour homeschool
Snack break
One hour homeschool
Flit with friends, art, field trips,classes, etc.
Family time

This simple routine has worked surprisingly well.  The prime focus time of the day is spent on academics.  For my second grade daughter, work includes the usual spelling, math, reading, writing, history, science, and more.  My preschool son works on various reading, writing, and math activities, whichever activities catch his interest each day.

What does your family routine look like?  What are academic tasks they adore?

Thank you for sharing the adventure.

Much appreciation,
Joyous Jenn

Our first day, best photo of 15

Writing four-square paragraphs

Capturing his prime four minutes of the day on film

Fruit-powered clock

Feathers through a microscope

Flitting rainbow butterfly & paint time

Doily painting adventures