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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Such Appreciation

Every day I go into my one social media site and post my gratitude list.  It makes me feel so good to reflect on what I am thankful for in my life.  There is so much to love in our lives.  When having trouble with creating this list, I start small, like appreciating books or breaths.  Then the list grows into loving bubbles, babies, binoculars, bats, and on and on.  Each day my list is different and surprising.  My heart opens and fills my body with love when I reflect upon my blessings.  The more often I do this, the healthier all parts of my being are.  Give it a spin!

Today I appreciate fans and curtains to keep our home cool in the summer heat.  I appreciate time to reflect and type, intentionally open my heart and feel my feelings, brainstorm garden details, finish big projects, and prepare for upcoming projects. 

I am grateful for this space between big projects, this quiet space in which to think and rest.  I appreciate a dinner date with my husband.  I cherish my children having such a great time with an energetic intelligent creative young woman while I run errands.  Watching them run and joyfully shriek, yeah, that's good too.

I am thankful for patiently talking with my children about tools to use instead of whining or fighting.  I appreciate sun and rain to help our garden grow.  I love thunder and lightening and laughter and anticipation and untying knots.  I appreciate my daughter's excitement each time she goes out to see her garden and each plant she has grown from seed.  I appreciate craft time with friends, food time with friends, play time with friends, feeling such love and appreciate for our friends, feeling at home in our community. 

I appreciate being so in love with my home and land and cherishing the fruits of our labors.  I appreciate this blog as a creative outlet.  I appreciate sharing this daily list with you, Dear Reader.  I enjoy knowing I could go on forever with this list, and knowing I GET TO pause whenever I choose. 

What's on your list today?

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