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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Homemade Chalk

It is amazing all the fun we have with homemade chalk.  We use what we have at home for this craft, along with a box of Plaster of Paris (recipe on the box).  We gather an old plastic mixing bowl and wooden spoon, water, yogurt tubs, and a friend's unwanted powdered tempera paint.  My children add the colors for our concoctions.  We have yet to save a bounty for gifts, as we use everything we make.  One downside to this activity is that the used chalk (paint and plaster) are simply washed down into the storm drains with rain water.  We use the chalk in dryer seasons, meaning the water is sent to a treatment plant instead of backing up with heavy rains into local streams.  

My children and I recently noticed when bubble blowing solution is spilled on the grass, it drowns and kills the worms and other creatures living there.  Since then we have been paying more attention to how our choices effect living creatures.  We now only use our bubbles and chalk on the concrete driveway so as not to harm any of our creatures.  We really enjoy mixing up colors, talking about plaster's chemical reactions, and experimenting with its density and water plaster ratio.

What are some of your favorite outdoor crafts?

variety of chalk containers

creating a colorful labyrinth center

Hannah's chalk mountain

Liam's quick trick chalk stack

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