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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Herb Fairy Homes

We treasure our free time at home.  Thankfully the fairies treasure there time here also.  We do what we can to help them be happy here, though we are also beautifully flawed in our attentions and dimensions and give them plenty of free space.  Our fairies have so many cute little homes inside and outside.  They also live in the apples at the tops of our apple trees.  We have so much fun creating these homes and then traveling together in our dreams to hang out in the fairy herb garden (inspired by  Every night we choose which herb fairy we wish to spend time with in our dreams and the deal seal it with a goodnight kiss.  Where are the herbs in our garden?  They are around the bend and filling our flower and vegetable gardens to the brim.  What peace it brings to imagine and dream and rest here at home with our little friends. 

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