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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Loving on Grandma

I had the privilege of spending a couple weeks with my mother's mother this spring.  She and I have been pen pals since I was born, though only in the last year have we spent much time together.  What a treasure to have a grandmother still with us on this earth, and to get to spend time with her.  For this trip, Grandma Elaine spent time with my family and then I flew to her home with her. 

Those two nights with my grandmother, sleeping in her bed under her 120 year old family quilt, were the first two nights away from my three and a half year old son.  I'd only been away from my six and a half year old daughter for one night before this trip.  It is incredible to be so productive and helpful in two days away.  Grandma Elaine and I ran so many errands, planted trees and flowers, visited family, cleaned out the pantry, cooked and froze meals, got her back into her email account, took a tour of town, and so much more. 

I saw new sides to my grandmother in her role as aunt, sister, friend, and neighbor.  I witnessed her fierce determination, persistence, stamina, and resourcefulness.  It is comforting she asks for help when she needs it and has an incredible community of support around her.  She is very loved.  I feel so comforted by meeting Grandma Elaine's siblings (all five of them, between ages 73 to 90) and other family and friends.  Time with her heals wounds I didn't even know I had.  I so cherish this time with my beloved grandmother.  What a tremendous gift.  And my family and I look forward to more!

Stuffing soothing herb socks in our herb class

Rocking out with the band

At home in Grandma's house, built by her great-grandfather long ago

Details of a life well lived

The family quilt that kept us warm

Our family's cemetery

Taking a cherished tour of my great-great-grandfather's house

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