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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Garden Reprieve

This winter and spring when our weed-patch-of-a-garden was manageable, I thought it would be so great to harvest our weeds and use them for our cooperative herb classes.  An endless supply, right?And then the weeds grew taller than me and I felt overwhelmed just thinking of weeding the garden.  My friend Holly generously helped me dig out the weeds and my husband graciously brought in bark and soil for me to finish the job. 
Now looking out at our almost-weed-free garden, it brings me pleasure to be able to see the edibles, to take a half hour to pull all the weekly weeds out of the boxes, and to look forward to fewer weed challenges in the future.  I hesitantly used weed fabric for this project (even weed fabric is political around here), as the invasive horsetail herb was spreading everywhere and needed to be stopped. 
Before weeding the entire garden, I harvested what I wanted, such as the horsetail herb, useful for athlete's foot and other benefits.  The wild daisies and flowers were moved to flower beds.  The top bed will be home to blueberry bushes and our tomatoes.  What relief to finish this big project before summer heat hits.

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