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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Daily Appreciations

Today I appreciate many things.  I appreciate the sunshine, the white wispy clouds, the gentle breeze.  I appreciate buying a family-size popcorn and then my sweat-dripping son sleeps on my shoulder.  I am entertained by walking and carrying my hot son and the buttery treat.  I appreciate my daughter dropping upside down onto the car floor in rush hour traffic.  (Less snack, more space for dinner, right?)  And the potty issues that occurred simultaneously (unrelated to popcorn).  I appreciate the big laughter that followed.  I enjoyed the sound of popping popcorn the vacuum cleaner made as it sucked up the mess.  I appreciate retelling these adventures and laughing again. 

I appreciate knowing that after one more busy day, my children and I look forward to a couple easier days near home.  I am thankful for the friends we've made and the trains we've ridden during this busy week.  I love watching children run through the sprinkler.  I appreciate my small financial conundrum has worked itself out.  I appreciate that my financial conundrums are usually small.  I appreciate talking to a loving friend on the telephone.  I appreciate my children's spaghetti-splattered cheeks. 

I appreciate this time alone to sit quietly and reflect upon my life of abundance and the gratitude that surrounds me.  I appreciate that one reader read this and shared their own appreciations in the comments.  What a beautiful day in all its details.  Thank you for sharing it with me.

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