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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Building Happy Energy

What brings me energy?  Well, every day I rely on something a little different.  Two days ago, I found my energy boost in playing Pharrell Williams' Happy song over and over while dancing with my children on city train platform.  Yesterday it was laughter about the family-sized popcorn spilling on the car floor in rush hour traffic.  Some days dancing, drawing, gardening, kissing, being productive bring me energy. 

Every single day I load up on love and light first thing in the morning by stating my intentions to connect with my angels, to pull in and hold energy, to be judgment-free, to feel safe and secure in my body, to heal instead of hurt, to appreciate my ancestors and my life, and to share the love. 

Today what brought me much joy was singing.  I pulled up all the happy songs I could muster.  Especially in the car.  Our car has become a happy singing festival on wheels.  Our songs help us lose track of time and trust we are arriving at our destination as just the right time to sit next to or meet just the right new friends.  Sing a song of six pence, a pocket full of rye.  Sing, sing a song, sing out loud, sing out strong, sing of good things not bad, sing of happy not sad, sing it in your own style, even when it starts with a hoarse whisper.  Trust the energy is flowing and growing.  Feel it.  Appreciate it.  Enjoy it.  Watch it brighten the lives of those around you.  What brings energy into your life?

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