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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Self-Love Lists

What are the areas of your life that do not feel good?  Money, marriage, profession, relationships, health, etc.?  Look at these areas to find personal benefits. 

Perhaps your knees hurt from an accident.  Start your list by being appreciative of all the things your body can do, the ways your body helps you accomplish what you ask of it.  "I am able to play basketball with my friends.  I am taking care of myself by walking every other day."

Would you like enough money to take a trip?  See the abundance of money in your life.  "I am providing myself with healthy foods, car insurance, an occasional dinner out, and a warm bed.  I am financially responsible.  I am open to financial abundance.  I am living a life of abundance."  The more we appreciate all areas of our lives, such as health and finances, the more these areas swell in abundance. 

When you are done with your list, put it up where you'll see it each day.  Read it to yourself for a month.  Expect miracles.  They will arrive, perhaps in a different form.  Watch for them.  Trust their arrival.  Here is a sample of my self-love list.  What is on your list today?

I am fully loved and supported to take on new adventures.
I am healthy and thriving through my regular exercise routine.
I am hive-free by eating whole foods that feel good to my body.
I am able to spend time making lists that make me happy.
I am patient and loving with my children.
I am building a skill-set that financially benefits my family.
I am taking time to appreciate living in a lush green world full of infinite beauty.
I am a great listener.
I am listening to my children's stories and watching their eyes as they speak.
I am the baker of incredibly delicious healthy meals.

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