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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Joys of a Lazy Gardening Parent

Oh, how I love working in the garden.  And how I wish I'd tackled more weeds each Spring before they are taller than me.  It is currently difficult to see the garden boxes through all the surrounding weeds.  My children are always at my side as I work in my garden boxes.  Most of my time is spent tackling the weeds outside the garden, a welcome distraction from the garden's needs.  Being the lazy gardener I am, devoting my time and attention to raising my children and not my garden, I love to identify, collect, and use edible weeds from the garden, giving me a reason not to spend the rest of my life pulling them as weeds.

I've been clearing (inedible) yard weeds so my children can plant more flowers, their current interest.  I also welcome my children's interest in planting and harvesting their own garden beds.  My children still prefer I do all their weeding and watering, though are thrilled when it's time to plant.  My three year old son plants all his seeds in one hole, making for a beautifully creative and full garden space, while my six year old daughter creates a strategy for equal space between her seeds.  Each growing season is different, in parenting as in gardening.  Never is there a dull moment.  Always there is a new adventure blossoming.  And I cherish each one.

Planting beet seeds with a friend
Collecting and understanding our edible weeds

Delicious dandelion cookies

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