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Monday, February 17, 2014

Sharing the Valentine Love

My children and I love to take crafty projects everywhere we go, to craft them with friends, and then to release them into the world.  A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Ed Emberly's drawing books at the library.  I remembered all the fun I had with his books as a child and went home that day with a few of his books.  We have the time of our lives crafting with Ed Emberly's thumb printing books. 

This year, with the help of friends and a stash of stickers, we created almost 200 Valentines!  These were delivered to two different retirement homes, a Meals on Wheels program, to two streets of neighbors, and loved ones near and far. 

Each year on each holiday my children and I together deliver our cards and appreciate the gift of seeing recipients' faces light up with smiles and laughter.  In giving, we are also receiving.  My children are giving of their time and love, and also receiving assistance from friends and appreciation from friends, family, and strangers.  Giving and receiving are both such delicious gifts.  Our hearts are overflowing with love. 

Even before Valentine's Day had arrived, Hannah began planning out Saint Patrick's Day crafts, so we are already off on our next creative adventure.  Creating heartfelt gifts for others surely fuels our fire, raising the joy quotient to infinity and beyond!  Woohoo!

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  1. I love the thumb creations! What a great idea!